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About Gloves

Medical gloves are an essential everyday item for all healthcare professionals working in a healthcare environment. Gloves not only protect the wearer but also create a safety zone for both healthcare providers and patients and makes the industry safer and easier to work in. All medical gloves are disposable, single-use items, and they are made up of varied materials, such as Latex, Nitrile Rubber, Vinyl, and Neoprene.

Gloves has been used by Caregivers, Healthcare Professionals, Surgeons, Lab Techs, Catheter Users, , Dentists, Pharmacists, Rescue Workers, Police Officers, Manicurists, Chefs, Hair Stylists, Housekeepers, Pet Owners, Gardeners, Factory Workers, Moms, Mechanics, Teachers, Food Handlers and more.

Given the many uses for disposable gloves, they must undergo rigorous inspection before they are ready for sale. In the automotive, janitorial-sanitation, and agricultural industries, workers deal with a few harsh chemicals, which means the gloves they wear must be proven to provide the right amount of protection. The same is true for medical applications, where employees need a safe barrier against pathogens.

We support to ensure delivering right quality product at right time by verifying at supplier’s place through Our technical experts and customized inspection checklist.

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