Qualpedia™ is a new Knowledge Sharing Platform (https://qualpedia.com/) , which is developed to realize our company’s purpose “Responsible Value Creation”. Adding to that, we intend to share our knowledge & experience with our community with an aim of helping and creating value for them.

This is a Non-Profitable Knowledge Sharing Platform, which will help all the visitors like CEO’s, Business Owners, Quality, Sourcing & Buying Professionals, students, new entrepreneurs, and other individuals, to access and learn about the various dimensions of Quality, Conformity, maturity assessments, supply chain, and other areas of business excellence, etc.

Nowadays, a lot of people in the supply chain are struggling to cope with the changing customer expectations and needs. Qualpedia™, being a third party can easily catalyst the communication between all the supply chain partners and create awareness & value for all of them.

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