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RSJ Inspection Service Limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

RSJ is an ISO 17020 accredited third-party inspection company who is helping Retailers & Importers to enhance & improved quality with evaluating products, processes & systems. RSJ Inspection is an India based company having offices in Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hongkong and providing the following services in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam and China.

  • Product Quality Inspections (Consumer Products)
  • Factory Audits
  • Lab Test Management
  • Production Follow-up
  • Sample Evaluation
  • Document Verification and more.

RSJ Inspection Service has expertise in a wide range of products ranging from Textiles, Apparels, Home textiles, home decorations, Hardgoods like Items made of metal, Glass, Plastic, Wood, stationery, toys, Leather goods like Shoes, Bags, Belts, electrical & electronics etc.

  • Factory Audit: To check the selected vendor’s credibility and reliability
  • Social Compliance Audit:To check, whether the factory is following International & local rules & regulations
  • Fabric Inspection: To check the raw material quality and take the necessary action at the first step itself.
  • First Article Inspection: To check whether production has started correctly as per the buyer requirement.
  • During Production Inspection: To check during the middle of production stages to verify all aspects of the product quality are aligned to the requirements.
  • Final Random Inspection:To check at the final stages (80-100% carton packed stage) of whether the order has been produced accordingly to the client Specifications & approved Sample
  • Container loading Inspection:
    • To check whether the Packed cartons are being loaded into containers well without affecting Products & Safely.
    • To avoid shipping faulty goods & correct quantity.
    • To avoid doing rework on the Import countries with huge Cost.
    • The good quality can result in increased the brand value & its sales.

RSJ is a strong believer in sustainable value creation for long-term growth & success for our all-Stake holders (Clients, Manufacturers, Employees, Suppliers, Governance etc.)

Our Vision isTo be a highly Respected, Innovative, and Quality service provider.”As part of this belief and in line with Purpose & strategy, RSJ have few differentiators with respect to its peers. This identification was done using proven & latest tools like customer profiling, value profiling, differentiator profiling and brainstorming.


  • Understanding the client’s Needs, Desire, Pain / Challenges and having a focused approach on it.
  • Offering the solutions as per the client’s needs & challenges shared and customizing the co. operation proposal.
  • Customizing the SOP’s, Work Instruction manual, Protocols, Special checkpoints as per request and need.
  • Conducting & deliver services based on the Needs, Desire, Pain / Challenges addressed & providing customized reports to create value.


  • Ease of access (Single Point Contact),
  • Reduced efforts (Reduced follow ups),
  • Ease of communication (Instant messaging platforms)


  • Human touch (In person or virtual engagements at various stages),
  • Real-time updates on key events (Q-Trak ® auto-opening & closing meeting mails, Real time Q-Trak images access in WebQBMS®.)
  • To know more, go to the “Why RSJ” Page.

As it is not economically viable for most of the Clients to Inspect all or every unit in the order, Hence AQL tables determine the number of units to be Inspected – which will yield a statistically reliable Sample size. In other words, If the Inspection on the randomly selected lot goes well, then it is statistically unlikely that defects will be found in the rest of the Order.

For Example

Say there are 1000 master cartons in order and 50 units per master carton for 50000 units’ total. Our Inspectors would open a select set of master cartons (the square root of the total number of cartons) randomly and further select at random a set of individual units inside that master carton as per sampling size chosen by the Client. However, if the supplier knew they had a few dozen defects and packaged the defects all together in one section of one master carton, then it would be statistically unlikely that our inspector would find this Pocket of defects. For this reason, RSJ does not provide a warranty on behalf of the supplier. But we emphasise to our clients, that they should have to Inform these on PO’s, Warranty terms, and Payment terms clearly with their Suppliers that protect the interests of the client. Negotiating such terms with the supplier is outside of the scope of our business at RSJ.

A Man-day is considered as 1 Quality Engineer working for One working day (Approx. 8 hours)

The Number of man-days for the service are calculated based on the complexity of the product and the size of the AQL – Sample size / Inspection levels that the Inspectors must go through.

In order to save time and money, we RSJ advise you to send it directly to your concerned factory – in a sealed Package to our attention. In Case, you do not trust enough your factory or vendor enough for this, you can send it to our Closest Office nearby Factory locations. To know which office to send it to, check our offices address on our Contact us page of this Website or you can check with our Customer service Team via email / phone.

AQL or Acceptable Quality Level is defined as the maximum defective percent (or the maximum number of defects per hundred units) that, for purpose of sampling inspection, can be considered satisfactory as a process average.

To know more about AQL Table, please visit AQL TABLE

A Specific Plan that indicates the Sampling sizes to be drawn for Inspections and also associated with acceptance or non-acceptance criteria in it.

We – RSJ Inspect the shipment according to AQL Standards and according to Client Instructions, Specifications, requirements, and Criteria. Then, our results are given to Client through a fully detailed and illustrated report within 24 working hours after completion of Inspection. After Review of the Report, Client need to advise the factory for Shipment release or NOT, as we – RSJ will mention only result as NOT CONFORMED, CONFORMED, or ACTUAL FINDINGS in the Report.

Yes, on Client request we can arrange to courier the defective Samples after Inspection.

It is General Inspection level – II & AQL: Critical – 0, Major – 2.5 & Minor; 2 minors = 1 major by following the International Standard method of ANSI/ASQCZ1.4-2003.

For the first-time service, we will request you to give prior notice of around 5 to 7 working days as we need to complete certain onboarding procedures. But for the second and upcoming services, 3 working days of notice period are required.

OPE means Out of Pocket Expenses I.e., Travel and accommodation expenses. OPE will not be applicable if the service location is 15 kms from our base location. For other locations, OPE will be applicable. To know our base location, please visit RSJ Coverage

If you or your supplier is in India, then GST will be applicable to conduct the service. GST is Goods and Service tax. It is land of law and 18% will be applicable on both service charge and OPE.

Bank Transfer is our preferred mode of payment and 100% payment needs to be cleared in advance. For other modes of payment, please contact us for assistance.