RSJ Charter

Possibility Of Samruddhi 181 Breakthrough Project

Being an Empowered, Collaborative and Creative team, delivering Innovative Excellence enabling our customers to retain trust with their stakeholders. We are creating Prosperity and Abundance for our ecosystem NOW.
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Strategic Outcome (31-March-2027) :

We are a great place to work and having global team in multiple countries.
As a reputed Brand and recognized leader in the Conformity industry, we are now trusted and preferred by top organizations globally.
We have launched new products consistently, pioneering new trends, contributing to society and environment.
Having created financial stability, we have met the qualifications requirements to list in NSE and launched ESOP to our key people.

RSJ’s Purpose



It requires employees of RSJ and its stakeholders to adhere to the code of conduct, respect the environment, minimize societal impact, be transparent, undertake actions with integrity and be ethical in all official dealings. 


To be a highly respected, innovative and quality service provider


To Achieve high Levels of Integrity, Reliability and Transparency

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Integrity, Impartiality, Confidentiality, Commitment and Transparency.

Business We Are In

To be in the business of verifying and evaluating products, processes, systems and organizations.

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