Factory capacity & Capability Audit

When you are dealing with a new supplier, it is important to know them. Build a sturdy base for your product by building a strong relationship with your supplier. Always understand about their capacity & capability before placing your order.

So, how to know who is what?

RSJ is here to helps you with FCCA.

FCCA stands for Factory Capability & Capacity Audit, This Audit will help you to know clearly about your supplier/manufacturer’s production capacity, production efficiency, lead time etc.

Through FCCA RSJ will help you to shed light on the below areas: 

  • Verify the factory existence
  • Understand the factories true capability
  • Factory Facilities and Environment
  • Machine Calibration and Maintenance
  • Quality Management System
  • Incoming Materials Control
  • Suppliers & Sub-contractors
  • Process and Production Control
  • In-House Testing
  • Final Inspection
  • People Resources and Training

Our efficient auditor team will visit to the factory you are considering and perform the above audit and keep you at easy breath with confidence by providing you with real time report.

We help you to increase your confidence in the factory you are considering and help you to avoid the last-minute business risk.

To know more in details, kindly contact us.