Packing Audit

Packing Audit inspection

It will be carried post to production once goods are completely packed to ensure whether Shipping marks, Correct Assortment, Package Printing, Material, Contents, Size, Condition of Packaging, Color all match your sample or NOT.

Also, to check Barcodes and Labelling are Clear, Legible, and Accurate as per customer standard requirements.

It’s important to realize that the quality of your packaging is just as important as the quality of your products.

Good quality packaging helps ensure that your products make it to their destination unharmed. It also helps provide a better experience for your customers and the end consumer. To provide clear transparency for packaging and be sure those specifications meet your needs.

Here we will verify the packing are done as per customer request to avoid end surprises.

It is most important for E-Com Sellers as the packaging needs to deliver with the right quality of products. Furthermore, it can be opted by any retailers, importers & wholesalers to secure the packaging of products to avoid hassles at the later stages.

  1. Better customer rating for E-com orders.
  2. Protects brand reputations
  3. Less complaint, query and re-work required.
  4. Helps to avoid last-minute surprises, like incorrect product shipped and wrong marking.
  5. Fulfilling the requirements

Parameters to check during Packing audit :

  • Quality Engineer will check if Shipping Marks are Clear & Accurate on the Outer Carton as per requirement All consignee marks, carton numbers, size, weight markings, country of origin markings, Specification details (PO, Sylte # etc.) should match the information as per requirement
  • Correct Assortment and Number of Units
  • The number of units in each Master carton/Inner Carton and the number of retail cartons per master carton, assortment of products will be checked with the customer’s specifications.
  • Package Printing, Material, Contents, Size, and Color All Match Your Sample

The goods Material and printing will be verified, the packaging will be measured, and colors are matched with color specification and highlight in report if any differences.

  • Barcodes and Labeling are Clear, Legible, and Accurate.
  1. The UPC label on the carton matched against purchase order information, scan correctly — and the UPC code on the product also scan correctly as well.
  2. The barcode should not be too close to the edge of the sticker and should not be creased or damaged. These will be checked Otherwise there may be more likely to encounter unwanted difficulties during transportation.
  • Package is Sealed Completely Using the RSJ Inspection team/Method

The structural integrity of cartons needs is verified, including sealing methods. (i.e., Sealing with the RSJ tape and Stamp). The client should not neglect to specify these methods — it is important to include this item on checklist to secure the effectiveness of packing audit.

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