Production Follow Up

About Production Follow Up

Production Follow up is to check the progress of the order undertaken from the raw material to till 100% production completed and packed in carton for final shipment.

Follow-up is checking the manufacturing activities systematically so that production may be carried out according to plan. Capturing the progress and highlight the shortcomings if any in advance to apply corrective actions.

It is the most important part of production control. This step is to ascertain from time to time that the production operations are going on according to the plan


Why Production Follow up?

Follow up becomes necessary because there are many factors over which the manufacturing department has no control. One or more of these factors may seriously affect the progress of production from the scheduled programme.

For example, late delivery of materials, associated departments falling behind schedule in their respective production, unexpected excessive labour absenteeism, breakdown of machines and tools beyond anticipation, may hold up production & it can results to delivery delays, late penalty fees, excessive shortfall etc.


Benefit of Production follow up

  1. Provides clear transparency of the actual status at the floor of factory.
  2. Give complete status/ Update about production condition.
  3. Early warning when the actual production deviates from planned production, thus making it possible to meet the goals.
  4. Taking appropriate actions & decisions faster to avoid penalties & delivery delays.

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