Sample Evaluation

What is Sample Evaluation?

  • It is a process of evaluating the samples against the technical specifications and other special checkpoints
  • This process will help you to ensure the right quality, colors, materials, operation, and safety of the sample are matching with your requirement.

Why is Sample Evaluation needed?

  • Most of the cases, the manufacturers and suppliers are based overseas and in different locations therefore client can’t be able to check the product’s process. Client can always use samples as a mode to check & verify the supplier’s understanding on the expectations & requirements.
  • After evaluation, if find any parameters as not conformed, the client needs to document them with as much detail as possible and convey it to the manufacturer – it will help them in the production run at very earlier stages. 
  • The sample which client approve will be the exact product that the supplier manufacturers. So, it is important to do an evaluation at the initial stage.
  • If you conduct the sample evaluation at this initial stage and convey all your expectations and non-conformities to your supplier at the initial itself, lot of errors and reworks can be avoided
  • Before production starts, the client can also have peace of mind as he/she has done an evaluation of the sample and it matches their needs.

Techniques of Sample Evaluation:

  • Evaluation parameters are
    • Product Description check – comparison against photo, pantone & Grey scale
    • Sample Photos – Front view, back view, trims, accessories etc.
    • Workmanship
    • Labelling (if any)
    • Packaging (if any)
    • Onsite test (as per the product)

Samples will be evaluated at our office, Suppliers or clients' needs to courier it our office location. Report will be sent after the service within 24 hours of working day. 

To view our model report, please click -  Model Reports Link