Colour Evaluation

About Colour Evaluation

Colour evaluation is mostly we verify for the Textile fabrics of Softline Products.

It is the systematic observation of fabrics' colour to decide whether it meets - Client’s specification in terms of colour, design, and other specific quality parameters.

In most cases, colour is a key factor in the production of the material, and it is often vital to the commercial success of the product. It is obvious that a standard system for measuring and specifying colour is much desirable.

The purpose of colour difference evaluation is to obtain the consistency and levelness results for dyed fabrics. This assure the consistency of colour look uniformly for customer satisfaction & if any differences it is highlighted for necessary corrective actions to be taken pro-actively before proceeding for the further manufacturing process.

RSJ Conduct Colour Evaluation as per ISO standard test method for Evaluation of Visual colour difference with a tool of grey scale.

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