First Articles Inspection

About First Articles Inspection

First article inspection is conducted at the earlier Stage of 15 - 30% merchandise production has been completed.

A good First Article Inspection (FAI ) will help you to early detect and prevent potential problems on Product which might creep up & can make serious damage during further Production Stages.

Why to do First Article Inspection?

  • First Article Inspection will play a key role for the products which needs precise dimension and good quality.
  • It helps to ensure the Quality of raw materials and precision of dimension at the early stage of production. Therefore, the risk of rejection, rework, additional cost or Quality failure will be less.


  • Helps in early detection/ prevention of potential problems
  • Highlight any potential issues during production stage
  • It helps to verify if the material’s quality and dimension are as per client requirement

Steps involved in First Article Inspection

  • Random fabric quality checking.
  • Fabric Inspection report review.
  • Colour & Shade verification against the required standard before starting production.
  • Pattern Checking against the measurement Sheet.
  • Pattern Marker on layout verification.
  • Cut Size Check.
  • First Piece Sample Check against the Approved Sample.
  • Testing in labs according to the Product Standards.
  • AQL Inspection on completed production of 15 to 30%.

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