Complaints and Appeals


About Complaints and Appeals

RSJ is customer focused in providing its service and customer satisfaction is the utmost priority for us. RSJ is committed to handle the customer complaint in an appropriate way as RSJ looks at complaint as a tool for improvement in terms of systems, process and internal resources skills.In case of any complaints / Appeals / Grievances feel free to contact us to [email protected]


1.1 Complaint is defined as a documented complaint received against RSJ Inspection within the scope of inspection, audits and assessments.

1.2 Appeal is defined as an “Appeal against an inspection, audit and assessment Decision made by RSJ Inspection”


It is the policy of RSJ to treat all the customer’s and stake holder’s complaint / appeal with utmost seriousness.


3.1 Any Client, Supplier or other parties wishing to raise a complaint against the services provided by RSJ inspection should, in the first instance, indicate their intention in writing to the concerned client coordinators.  Such a complaint shall be supported by all available evidences. The concerned client coordinator will provide a written acknowledgement of the complaint received and seek additional information if required in order to analyses the complaint based on the discussion with IM.
3.2. All complaints will be registered by the IM.

3.3 During the process of investigation of complaint, the persons involved in the investigation shall be independent of the subject of the complaint. The IM shall also provide complainant with progress reports and outcome.  The IM shall follow up the complaint with QM for a decision.
3.4 The result of the complaint handling process shall be communicated to the complainant. The QM shall ensure that that the investigation and decisions shall not result in any discriminatory actions against the Complainant.
3.5 The complaint and its resolution shall be kept confidential.
3.6 The actions undertaken in response to complaint shall also be recorded by Quality Manager.


4.1 Upon receipt of the appeal with the issue supported by the documented evidence, IM shall determine, if IM has been involved in the appealed decision. If IM was involved ,then a suitable qualified internal independent panel shall be appointed ,and if not IM can carry out the investigation.

4.2 The receipt of the appeal will be acknowledged ,including an outline of the proposed course of action to follow upon the appeal, within 2 working days of receipt.

4.3 The IM shall follow up the appeal with QM for a decision. This will be accompanied by a formal notice to the appellant of the end of the appeals / complaint handling process.The IM shall determine any necessary corrections and corrective actions.
4.4 The actions undertaken in response to appeals shall also be recorded by Quality Manager.

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