During Production Inspection


About During Production Inspection

During Production Inspection (DUPRO) is conducted at the Stage of 40% - 60% of goods been completed with Production. Inspection will be conducted on the Semi-Finished & Finished Goods thoroughly according to the AQL requirements and advise the factory on corrective action Plans. It helps to ensure that the Quality of the Product is maintained throughout the production and to avoid any shortcomings at the final stage.

Importance of DUPRO

  • It helps to verify if the goods are manufactured as per the customer requirement.
  • Early deduction of non-conformance enables rework of the products at the right time.
  • Ensures that the production is running as per the plan.
  • It helps to identify and rectify the potential shipment delays and quality failures.
  • Avoid huge monetary loss on rework of goods at the end of the production.

Parameters covered in DUPRO Inspection

  • Quantity check
  • Product description ( Checking if the Style, Material, Colour matches the approved sample)
  • Workmanship
  • Measurement
  • Labelling & Inner packing
  • Packing/ Packaging
  • On-site tests

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