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Thanks for visiting this page and considering applying for a job opportunity with RSJ! We are always on the lookout for good talent (maybe just like you!). One of the other aspects we are looking for is people who culturally fit in our organization context, where it will be a win-win for everyone in the longer term. In this context, we would like to share a few of the following things that may support you to know about us and help you to make your decision to apply for any suitable position at RSJ.

RSJ strongly recommends you visit the following pages and read the content thoroughly.

From this, you can get a sense of a culture that exists and is being created in RSJ. If you feel anything which is odd or not aligned with our core values, you can speak with the first person you interact with in your interview with us (In case you choose to apply and get short-listed by us for interview).

Innovative Culture: – In RSJ, we believe that job profile rotation and challenging oneself to do something better / beyond their comfort zone or routine job responsibilities. The intention behind this innovative culture is to get more exposure / different skills & out of box thinking.
For example, someone who is working as a quality engineer may ask him/her to support the Business Development team or any other Department to go along with them when he/she is not having any inspection.

Treating everyone equally: – RSJ believes in a flat hierarchy. We recommend everyone address our colleagues (RSJ Employees) using their first name (irrespective of designation), and not using Sir or Madam at the workplace.
For example, if you are considering applying for a senior position, it is recommended to apply if only you are comfortable when your juniors call you by your first name.

Dress Code: RSJ aims to build a productive, discipline and committed workforce that can meet the highest standards of quality and delivery of services besides meeting all expectations of key stakeholders. In view of this RSJ expects every existing and potential employee to not only work in such a conducive environment but also be enable by workplace, work ethics and dress code. RSJ is in the business of professional services & our stakeholders expect us to adhere the professional/RSJ dress code. We encourage our employees to dress in formal attire that reflects professionalism and respect for our workplace. 

General Working Hours:  Being a premier service provider in conformity assessment and business assurance industry, RSJ primarily caters to domestic companies as well as Government of India ministry and other entities besides overseas customers with expectation of timely addressed of any last-minute request and exigencies which are more a norm than an exception. Accordingly, RSJ working hours and workdays are aligned to the market conditions while meeting all the related norms as laid down by regulators from time to time. In alignment with this, our general working hours are from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Saturday (6 days). 

If you are interested in applying, please send an email to [email protected]

Thanks for reading till here and thanks for making your choice and we wish you a great future and life!

PS : Above mentioned are some examples (not meant to be all-inclusive) of situations. Back to career