Why Final Random Inspection?

Why FRI?

Findings in the Final Random Inspection can help you to know about your shipment when the shipment is still at a manufacturing location like,

  • Information on Product Quantity and Quality.
  • Compliance with the specifications (PO, Style, Product description, Measurements, Labelling & Markings, Packing and packaging, Functionality, safety and regulatory requirements etc.)
  • Nature and percentage of defects in the shipment

All this information gives advantage to,

  • Avoid last minute surprises in shipment & helps to take correction where necessary in timely manner
  • Avoid/minimize business risks like costly recalls
  • Avoid costly reworks or corrections in the destination/ Import Country.
  • Maintain positive Brand value and integrity

Yes, It is always suggested to have Final Random Inspections in all shipments. This helps keep monitoring the factory's quality level & for their continuous improvements.

Critical situations where Inspection is Must,

  • When you are making 100% advance payment prior to receiving merchandise.
  • While working for the first time with the factories.
  • If the value of shipment is higher, and quantities are more.
  • If you have faced any quality issue with a particular factory in the recent past shipments or their submitted samples.
  • High Risk - Regulatory /Safety product. Example Infants/ Kids

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